Energy Storage at Fuel Cell Seminar 2015

I’m at Fuel Cell Seminar 2015 in sunny Los Angeles and chairing a session on flow batteries for energy storage (#fcs2015). There’s a Toyota Mirai fuel cell car and a few hundred fuel cell people here.

My favorite quote so far is from Jon Slangerup of the Port of Long Beach (paraphrased):

California does it first.
Always has, always will.
We go first, we take the lumps, and other societies follow.

Another quote was a speaker praising a 91 year old fuel cell industry leader, saying roughly: he showed great strength and determination, whether in flying over and bombing Stuttgart, or leading fuel cell development. (This was while I was discussing membrane development with a entrepreneur… from Stuttgart. And half the German companies working in fuel cells are based there.)

Here’s the schedule. Let me know if you have any questions about the conference.

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