Stanford and Steven Chu endorse Catalytic Engineering (not really)

I’m in Stanford at a workshop on Net Energy Analysis. Quite an interesting discussion of energy inputs and payback. And check out the middle clip art – clearly an endorsement of Catalytic Engineering!

Below is former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu who gave the keynote. He’s very quotable. (These were paraphrases – some of them I didn’t catch exactly)

    Set-top boxes, flared natural gas, others easily preventable losses: “A profound waste of energy which can only be solved by regulation”

    On the cost of wind power being 4 cents per kWh: “Wind doesn’t really need a subsidy now.”

    “Artificial meat is being developed that will compete and win a blind taste test, like California wines against French wines.

    As countries get wealthier: “You have to put your kids through college, and that’s a deterrent to fertility”

    “It’s all about the money. The technology development is for the money”

Steven Chu GCEP

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